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Why Choose Us?


Our Mission 

We will be the preferred supplier to the construction, expansion and modification of electrical systems in the industry. 


Our Vision 

Our commitment is to provide the construction industry electrical installation, fast and personalized service at competitive price, so that our customers receive top quality work by experts, exceeding expectations of the ever changing and aggressive market that we belong.


​​At Internova Electrical Contractor, we take safety seriously.   Our staff  maintains policies and procedures that ensure a safe work environment for employees, clients and partners. All our engineers hold relevant safety and industry standard qualifications.


Our  commitment is to provide the construction industry electrical installation, fast and personalized service to competitive prices, so that our customers received top quality work by experts, exceeding expectations of the ever changing and agresive market that we belong.


Internova’s trade marks have been delivering technical expertise at lightning fast speed and high quality service. Internova’s President, the company management, and its overall workforce are committed to providing the highest level of quality and services to the private and governmental sector clients.


With 35 years of experience, Internova Electrical Contractor has built a record of sustainable success within different industries, such as pharmaceuticals, electronic industries, commercial facilities and general contractors

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